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"When Jeff didn't come back, Diana led the group on out of the church.Inside, Jeff found a frustrated funeral director. Walking up behind him, he put hand on the man's shoulder. "I'll fill in," he quietly said into his ear.The man spun around. "Great. My partner is sick and couldn't make it today, then one of the pallbearers took ill..." I'll get this organized, if you need to go on outside." I do, indeed. Thank you," he effusively said, as he stuck out his hand."No problem," Jeff said, to. Ray came out of the bathroom with just a large bath towel around him, he is rather a muscular young man and when he sat down on the edge of the bed the towel fell away to give me my first view of what Jill called his wonderful cock, and I agreed with her he sat on the edge of the bed and although he was flaccid it hung between his legs like a third limb. To put him at ease Jill whispered in his ear and he started to remove her house coat and then undo her bra I heard him gasp and he said Jill. My gaze moved from her breasts to her eyes. She seemed a little embarrassed, but she smiled and took my head in her hands, guiding me down and holding my face against her soft and heaving flesh. My lips soon found the hard nipples amid the surrounding softness. I kissed, I licked, I suckled, gently kneading the soft flesh in my hands. I was overcome, dizzy with pleasure, here I was, exploring those two domes of pleasure being offered to me. Her eyes were closed and she let out short gasps and. You agree and we go back to the car to continue our journey in the privacy of your bedroom. Finally at home, you usher me into the house. Your hand on the small of my back you lead me to your bedroom. It’s impossibly dark and you have housemates, so we must be quiet. Once through the threshold of your bedroom the door shut tight, you pull me against you, crushing my breasts into your chest pressing your hardness against me. Without a moments thought I slide the straps of my dress off of my.

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