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Like every boy at this age seeking sex. My nani was 65 years old that time and figure was 38 40 44 n she is fatty like old Indian women but her ass wa... awesome very tight n she is suffering from blood pressure problem so she decided to come our home to get good medicines. In the medicines one is sleeping pills which she takes before sleep.At night she sleeps with me daily in my room. One night I can’t sleep n I start thinking about sex then I got an idea that nani is in deep sleep due to. I whispered to myself “oh Derrick fuck my pussy” and I began to finger myself faster and finally a let out a little moan as I came. I pulled up my thong and my jeans and washed my hands and continued on with my day. A couple of weeks passed and it almost didn’t seem like what happened was even real anymore. Sarah still thought I flirted to much with Derrick but little did she actually know…I had his cock in my mouth. It made me laugh a little. But anyways it was Saturday and I was. "Hey," she replied without looking at me. I was detecting a bit of the cold shoulder and I needed to break the ice."Sorry about last night. I had a really hard day and I realize that I was a bit abrupt with you when you came to see me." If you don't want me hanging around you anymore just tell me. I can take it," she said with a little sniff that she was trying to hold back."Leslie, look at me." She didn't look up. "Please, Leslie, look at me."She looked up slowly and I could see the unshed. “Oh God,” she whispered. Belinda slid her chair back and stood up. She made her way round the table to Claire who looked up at her nervously. She licked her red lips until they glistened in the dim light of the room, and she ran her hands over her curved hips. “Oh Claire,” she grinned, “Don’t look so scared. You’ll enjoy it, I promise!” “Maybe,” Claire replied cautiously. “It’s just that I’ve never done this before. I’ve never kissed another girl. I don’t think I’ll know what to do.” .

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