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The tape with Taboo 1-3 stayed a little longer than others, which made me wonder if mom could be feeling the same too? For some reason, mom’s life slowed that summer. Knowing Mom was a really horny young woman, it gave me the impulse to try some things. I decided to start with one of the scenes of Taboo. In the movie, Kay would look in on her son and he would s***p naked. I started going to bed naked knowing mom still liked to check in on me. It started with me on my side,. "Never mention that I am small", she said, "Now I have to get you punishment"... Oh, if this was the beginning of punushment, what was waiting for me then ?. "Your paffatic, weak, what the hell I should do with you ? "You will surrender with all of your mind, and see what a wrestlig goddes can do with you..." , she said and throwed me back on the bed. She now had my head between her leg and squeezed me, over and over again..I felt all the power in me was gone.. She smiled and catched my neck. I slid a finger into Jenny’s wet pussy and she reacted by grinding it against my hand and falling back to her back on the bed. This opened up my view to where I could see her face and then Misty’s diving into her perky tits. I slid another finger inside of her and watched as my girlfriend sucked one of Jenny’s nipples into her mouth. Watching this was amazing so I continued fucking Jenny with my fingers and mouth as she writhed under Misty and my sexual tortures. I knew it wouldn’t be long at. I can attest that there is nothing that sucks more than waiting in the rain for the bus. Even though I had an umbrella my top was soaked, my hair falling out of my neat bun and tendrils sneaked out and hung loosely around my face and onto my chest.Wet wouldn’t have been such an issue but my top was white, and I have noticed that when I wear shear clothing the bus driver turns the air conditioner up making my nipples stick out like warheads.That particular day I had also wore my 4 inch heels.

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