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He looked directly at Chelsea and spoke. "Keira, take off your blouse and bra please, then get on your knees and release my cock from these trousers a...d into your mouth" Chelsea's head went into overdrive, "No, don't do that to her" she pleaded. "This is power he said, the thrill is in creating powerful women for the future who I have already broken." Chelsea watched as reluctantly, Keira's lace bra hit the floor and she bent down in front of him. She released his cock and let it enter her. During my detention, I reminisce about my night with Thomas and I get kind of horny. I ask to go to the restroom. When I get there I close the toilet and sit down. I remove my panties and start playing with my clit, which was soaking wet already. I was remembering how he was taking deep from behind and his cum squirting all over my stomach. With my other hand I started to unbutton my shirt and released one of my breasts out of it. Now I’m playing with my clit as I’m pinching and pulling on my. His name is Kartik and he shared his first encounter with a stranger and asked me if I could write his story in my words. I would write the story portraying me a Kartik so that it is enjoyable for the readers.It was in the year 2010, January time and I was working as an intern in a mid-scale company in Gurgaon. As the metro train has not yet started, I was daily taking a bus from Dhaula Kuan to Gurgaon and then the same route back home. Normally, it was regular 9-hour schedule (9 to 6) but. " I want to shoot my spunk into you, mum, and watch your belly grow with my brother or sister, I want to see you waddling mum, fat but still beautiful, I want to see your breasts getting heavier and your nipples growing darker." Terry," she gasped. "Terry, I'm coming."I lunged into her, hard and deep, her fingers dug into the flesh of my buttocks, and I felt the trembling beginning in my legs."I'm coming too, mum."Her face turned into a snarl, she gripped me and held me as we climaxed.

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