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“Backpacks,” Dessie said. “I want one with a wide hip belt. My old one doesn’t have the belt, and it kills my shoulders. I can well remember h...w the straps hurt. I didn’t like that feeling then, and I probably won’t like it even more this time.”“We have a model that should help with that.” Eike nodded to his assistant, and the group moved to the area. “One size does not fit all,” he said. The female assistant helped Dessie find a backpack that fit, and Eike assisted Phillip.Once they had their. Let’s head off to a room and later see about watching.”“I’m guessing you have thought about how you will approach pregnancy and disease out in the real world.”“Aargh, yes. Everyone spends so much time talking about that, and they never get around to the emotional stuff.”“Oh, I think worrying about disease or pregnancy can be emotional enough.”“Sure, but if that’s all there was, we could just forget sex and be done with it.”“So you want to ignore all that stuff in game?”“Yeah.”“Just so you know,. ”“Of course you can trust me. Now spill it or I’ll figure it out,” she threatened.In the old days that might have been a credible threat, but she had been gone long enough.“I’ve been bad,” I admitted. “I’ve been doing things I thought I never would, but I admit they’ve been fun. I guess what I need from you is your opinion on if I’ve gone too far.”“I find it hard to believe you’d go too far. What are you talking about?” she asked.“Let me show you a video,” I said, and started the one of me. I know you said steroids, but the guy has something better, so I'm giving it a try instead. Wicked side effects, priapism and stuff, but I'll keep an eye on him. For the other stuff, I thought you should know, he's pretty swollen now, like you said. I think we should cut down the dose before he pops something. But I don't want him to give up too soon, I know you want him back on the farm, but he's our pussy too. I say we break him slowly, then you can have him back by - I don't know -.

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