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You're going to need time to recover sensibly, Ben. I suggest we keep those sessions to once a fortnight or so. And to take place on a Friday. Saturda... has too many distractions family wise for all of us. That would also make them a bit special when we do have one and it gives us all something to look forward to. I also think we need to spice them up a bit."Spice them up?"How so?" I asked. That little k** in the sweet shop felt like he'd just opened the biggest jar of wine gums ever listening. I didn'twanna say anything, but now he has went to far.Angie: well mister! How is this her fault? She clearly has proof this isan in going thing with you?Do you not have anything to say? Alright whatever! Get your ass off thatlawn mower and get inside.Andrew: I don't have the key..... how am I suppose to get off?! I didn'twanna be out here!Angie: you're really testing my patience!Angie walked in, and I went down to my car grabbed he key, and put it inhis sock and went inside. As I walked in. ” “It’s not okay, though. You’re busy as well with your thesis and your work. I need to be here more often for you and the girls,” I told him. I was determined to change. My poor husband couldn’t keep picking the slack up because I dropped everything and ran to Derek whenever he wanted me. “Meh,” Bryan shrugged. “The girls are easy-peasy. They’re growing up now, they can take care of themselves. Pretty soon we’ll have the whole house to ourselves, and Zoey and Sasha will only speak to us when. .wait I mean I need"Now this was kind of cute seeing her frustrated like that but like I said this had to end I was starting to get hard. "Is your garage door acting up again?" Yeah, yeah... garage door. It's not working." Okay, I'll be over in a few minutes and look at it." With that I shut the door and quick-stepped it to the bedroom.After I got dressed, I searched the house. Rita was nowhere to be found. I checked the garage and her car was gone so I headed over to.

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