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Water under the bridge now though, okay?” She nodded, and smiled tentatively, and then – and this is the point where I really wished I’d gone wi...h the robe instead of the towel – she stepped forward and hugged me! There I was, stark naked and semi-erect still, with this woman that I worked with every day and was very platonically fond of plastered to me, full-length, skin-on-skin. Please understand that I’m not at all averse to being hugged by a naked woman; on the contrary, it’s one of my. “Totally not taking sides on all this, since you’re both my friends and all,” she said, enveloping him in another of her awkward hugs. “But, she’s being a cunt, and I hope you get yourself laid at the con just to spite her.” An errant blue spark flitted through her mind, and she wet her lips with her tongue.[center]• • •[/center]One week later “Sooo glad we pre-ordered our convention passes,” a heavy-set girl in her twenties said, a pair of plush panda ears bobbing excitedly where they. She nodded and hmm'ed and asked a few clarification questions, but didn't interrupt. I realized that, despite my earlier fears, there really wasn't any advice I needed or questions I wanted to ask. Telling my story was enough.I wound things down just as we pulled into my apartment's parking lot. "So why'd Lisa come along tonight?" I asked as I turned off the engine."She was curious." You haven't told her everything?" I haven't told her very much," she said. "You're the one that told her about. " I said with a smile. "Thank God." Oh yes." She giggled. "Glad we got away with that one." Good times and good memories." I said as the song finished. "Wish we had a few more." Always up for making a few more precious memories." Said Enid as we returned to our partners.As intriguing as the last sentence in our conversation was, unfortunately we had another round of toasts as well as the buffet to contend with. Still it did give me time to think and ponder as to whether I could or even would.

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