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Avril really was quite stunning. I brought her over from France after I spotted her working in a local club. She was dressed in the traditional Fren...h maid uniform. Her dark hair was pulled tight into a bun and she wore a black and white, white lace gloves, low cut top along with a skirt that barely covered her long slender legs. She walked around my desk, placed the snifter onto the table, cut the cigar and placed it into my mouth as I leaned back.“Monsieur, would you like me to light it. Your shorts are still damp.” “Yes, dear,” Justin answered in a mocking tone and it made me giggle.I went into my bedroom and changed. I put on a pair of pink cotton brief panties with a black waistband and the word Spider-Man across the front on the waistband and an image of Spider-Man’s face on the seat of the panties. I had frilly, lacey, satin, or other style panties that were sexier, but I did not wear them often. I went mostly for comfort in a casual, everyday setting and I had a thing. For a moment I wondered how many guys had fucked her but as I began to thrust in and out of her those thoughts disappeared because she had the tightest and hottest pussy I had ever fucked.“Yes, yes, Mr.Jones, I love your cock, fuck me harder,” she moaned while pressing her ass against me.I grabbed her hips and went to town. “Take it, take it you horny slut.”She giggled, and that turned into gasps as I brought her to an orgasm. She yelped once, twice and her pussy tightened around my shaft. I. As soon as she unlocked the door and stepped inside the apartment, she saw Rachel sitting on the couch, wearing a coy smile, and holding a drink. A bottle of booze sat on the table in front of her. Amber shut the door and both women erupted into simultaneous squeals. “Oh my god, this is so cool!” Rachel exclaimed, and then laughed. “Party time,” Amber agreed. Rachel put down her drink and said, “My sister sent us a housewarming gift.” She then spun around with her knees on the couch and leaned.

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