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She is bigger than both the women, not quite a BBW, but full and voluptuous. She has brown curly hair and dark eyes and looks almost Italian (her comp...exion is darker than Rachel and my mom who are both fair). She is 5'6, 150 lbs and has 38DD tits and a large round ass. She just turned 48 which I know because at her 48th birthday party I found her really drunk in the kitchen. She was slightly stumbling and apologizing. I helped her up and she looked at me and said I was such a good boy. She. Oh please will you stop calling me that and just Chris will work, sure I said. Then he said I can see the game better from here anyway, I wanted to say, it's good for you but how am I going to see that beautiful cock from here.2 minutes into the game and Chris dies, well that sucks he said. No worries there's a spot I can get to and bring you back in, as I'm totally ingulfed in the game I feel a hand on my thigh and it's moving closer to my cock. I didn't even pause the game and looked over at. Laura laughed and continued. "Ihave my answer. There are many reasons that I live 1,000 miles awayfrom here, and my mom is reason number 1!"Beth couldn't believe what she was hearing. Laura continued, "don't getme wrong I love my mom dearly. But she can be a bit much at times."The two-young woman spent a few hours bonding while shopping. Theirshopping spree turned into several hours. Laura called her mom andbrother told them. "I am kidnapping Beth. We will not be home fordinner." She. I told them to stop laughing but both of them were not listening to me so i got angry and tried to cover Rounak mouth as she was the boss but by mistake my hand landed on Rounaks boob and i pressed that real hard all this happened within seconds and when i realized what i did i left room. The next day i was not able to make eye contact with both of them and both of them were still making fun of me so i started ignoring them. In the evening Preeti came to me and asked me to follow her and i.

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