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To usne kaha tum? Aur wo mere pass aai aur mujhe kaha khade ho jao aur mere charo taraf ghoomti rahi….Phir mere haath ko jab usne touch kiya to mere...andar jaise ek current sa daud gaya….. phir maine uske lips ko apni ungliyon se rub kiya… to usne kaha ye kya kar rahe ho maine kaha pyaar….. usne kaha kisi ko pata chal gaya to, maine kaha naaahi aap kisi ko bataoge aur nahi mai to phir kya problem hai…… ye sunkar maine uski aankho me ek satisfaction aur bharose kiLehar daudti hui dekh kar khush. I never got the jist of Chemistry, all those letters and chemicals were a bit confusing. Also, the danger of all those chemicals had me a bit skittish. My lab partner was another girl that lived in the same dorm as me. During the early part of the semester, we struggled and didn't seem to get much help from the assistants. We would get stuck, ask Jim for some help and eventually he would come and give us some techincal explanation that was over our heads and move on. I lamented this with my. Her skirt joined her panties on the floor as she made a hurried departure from the suv. And not on my side. Lou was a step behind. Me, fuck, I missed the boat completely. Mom and Lou were locked, lip to lip and finger to clit, like an idiot I stood there and watched, listened as Mom asked the question."You okay letting my boy fuck me?"I was thinking I had some say in this.... oh fuck was I wrong when Lou smiled at me."Only on a day that ends with a 'Y' and I get his cock in the morning. Let's. About her she is married to an military man who will be always in camp and I don’t want to say his name. She is soo.. Hot with an perfect body to get fuck, many men’s try to have sexual relationship with her but she refuse them. Sorry I didn’t did describe he she is 5.6 feet tall and imagine an lady like an anuskha actress and she is more and more religious girl, her age was 27. I am finished my 11 standard in Chennai and going to 12th std in next month. as this is an 12 exam time my parents.

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