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I wiggled and pushed my rock-hard erection against him, at which point he smacked me soundly. "Badgirl! Hold still now while I examine just what Clair...sees in you...".Dee then peeled off my thin panties leaving me totally exposed."I'm so sorry Dee, I didn't mean to get Clair into such a state thatshe'd lay on top of me, kissing me, feeling me...please don't hurt meDee, I'll be a good girl, I promise!" I licked my lips and tried to turnmy head to look at Dee but he started to smack my bare. I pulled up to the address on my PDA and parked up. Just a normal council terraced property with a fence that had seen better days, but the garden was kempt enough, the odd weed sprouting up and a semi deflated football wedged awkwardly between a fence post and some guttering, typical stuff for the sort of properties that we worked in. Grabbing a few fuses and my basic toolkit I briskly made my way up the path and knocked on the front door. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, the imminent. I cut the inside of my cheek on my teeth, I thought, and my eyes got hot and wet all of a sudden. I woulda fallen down except he was holding me up by the arm, kinda jerking me around."What'd I tell you about mouthing off, bitch?" Todd dragged me into the bedroom and threw me onto the floor so I stumbled and fell on my butt. He left the door wide open and started unzipping his jeans, stepping close and looking down at me."I'm sorry," I swallowed hard and blinked fast a bunch of times cause I. “Remember, one trip for us, one trip for the family. You owe us a family trip, first.”“We can stick Charlie in one of those doggy carriers down in the luggage compartment,” I countered.“Forget it! Anyway, we still need a real family trip. I was talking to Anna Lee yesterday and she said we hadn’t seen each other since last summer, and she’s right!”I gave her a wry smile at that. It was true. The last time we had seen our friends was right before I deployed to Honduras. Now, Harlan had gotten.

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