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I guess it was when they picked up the waste basket that Billy had had enough. You see, in Texas, a 55 gallon used oil barrel serves as a waste basket... Anyway, Billy had gotten his growth early and already stood 6'3" and weighed in at 225. Coaches knew what they had and "red shirted" him during the next to the last week of football season in 7th grade. Billy was smart and knew because of the red shirt rule; he'd get to play another season. It was like that 7th grade season never happened. That. I licked the first few drops leading up to the largest collection. It wasdifferent than before, not quite as salty. I was almost enthusiastic as Ipressed my chin and lower lip against her soft skin, letting the mixed fluiddrain quickly into my mouth. I rolled it against my tongue before letting itslide down my throat. I used my tongue to thoroughly clean the area beforemoving on to the next collection. As I neared the last pool of cum, my kneeslipped a little, forcing my chin down on to her. She clawed her nails into his shoulders, demanding more from him but he seemed to be moving at his own leisurely pace, driving her insane with want. Her panties were already soaked with her overflowing juices and her nipples were tight little buds, awaiting his touch. Fabian took his time in kissing her senseless before his tongue snaked down to her collar bone. He lightly bit the pulse that throbbed desperately under his caresses. Her squeak of delight only excited him more. The call of a. Susan had on a pair of shorts and a real low cut blouse, every time she bent over to take a shot half her boob would almost fall out. It was a real turn on for poor Charlie, you could see the tint in his pants. We shot about six or seven games, when I came up with this idea. I said, ‘Let’s call it a night and go down to the house and drink some beer.’ Charlie was real eager, Susan sort of gave me a dirty look. She had been joking around with Charlie, I knew she was not going to say no. We.

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