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As the friendship grew I knew I was falling in love with Alsion. It may seem a strong term of affection but my heart and instincts were in agreement. ... dare not tell her should she feel shocked or repulsed. Later it emerged she felt exactly the same. Throughout the coming months and years we laughed and talked, later talking more frankly. We had meals out together, nights in and out in fact everything a normal couple would do, but we weren’t a couple. A friend said to us that we acted like an. Twice I was sure I saw the group we were following. Also it was obvious we were ascending. After some time of following we stepped out in the open and leaf yelped and tried to push us back inside. The assassin were just ahead.I felt a sharp pain in my chest, I stepped back and was falling. Limbs and bushes and rocks were hitting me. I reached my hand to grasp the arrow sticking out of my chest. I came in contact with a feather. I grasped at it and yelled” LU..S..a..n. “That was the last I. Ami kaki r nighty ta khule fele buk ta jore jore tipte laglam , kaki anonde chok bondho kore amarKora hath er tepon upobhog korte laglo, ami gude angul dhukiye thelte laglam , mukh ta guder kache niye jetei kaki amar mukhe gud ta chepe dhorlo…amio amar jiv diye kakir fola gud ta chokat chokat kore chatte thaklam… kaki thakte nap ere… isss… issssss.. korte laglo….ami aro jore chuste chuste kaki ke pagol kore tullam….kakir gud theke kam ros beriye also…ami seta chete pute kheye nilam….Ami r kaki. Her hand came up and rubbed my erection and she gave me another broad red smile. She unzipped my trousers and pushed her hand inside, located my erection and pulled it out. As she pulled back my foreskin she said, 'very impressive and clamped her red lips around my cock and as she sucked me her hand reaching down to tease her erect clit as she rubbed in slow circles as her eyes glanced up at me as she sucked harder and deeper on my cock. I started to moan, the situation was getting too much for.

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