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The mother superior was informed of what they had been doing when discovered by "accident", and the very next morning they found themselves in the pre...ence of the visiting priest. As per his instructions this was to be a public confession, witnessed by a group of senior nuns led by the mother superior. Naked with hands tied tightly behind their backs, they were brought into his chambers, a very large room featuring a single bed and a kneeling bench for prayer. He had them kneel on a. She was coated by the vaginal juices, and felt that same itch inside her sex being met with a persistent motion. She screamed out in ecstasy as waves of pleasure made her entire body shudder, and her toes and fingers curled up inward from the sheer depth and intensity of the orgasm, even as she felt the pussy lips her face was buried in shuddering and quaking. A stream of warm juice bathed her face, as she heard an animal cry from up above her. When her orgasm subsided, she felt the queen. Craig undid his soon to be new lovers pants and they fell to the floor exposing the bottom half of Nick who was a stone mason and very fit and muscular, as his shirt was unbuttoned it exposed a ripped chest and abs. Craig felt his cock thrust to attention as he backed Nick up and sat him on the edge of the office couch. “undo my pants Nick” he commanded, he knew it had been a while so he would need direction. Nick did as he was ordered, he undid the belt then the button and let fall the. Sometime during the night, I had nightmares—screaming. I-don’t-know-who-I-am nightmares. Bald-fright wig nightmares. Please-don’t-hurt-me nightmares.She soothed me, calmed me, and held me until I sobbed myself back to sleep. Then she stayed there in bed with me the rest of the night. So that was over. We both referred to it as the night we slept with each other. I needed to remember I’m her boss. Hell, maybe I’d make her my partner.We had to come up with a cover story for why she was with me..

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