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His cock was thoroughly drenched and coated in my juice. I looked down at my kitty, and it was positively glistening too. His balls weighed a lot. I them up with one hand. It was instinctive, I wanted to feel the tool that had rewarded me so. Somehow I found my way down on my knees and sucking his cock. There was nothing malicious in his movement, or his request. He simply directed my head to his crotch and I sucked. There was some hybrid combination of sweat and spunk (both from my body. Further still. For a time, I let my fingertips draw the softest patterns on your belly. I knew that my touch was so soft, that sometimes you wouldn't be sure if I was touching you at all. But I was. I was feeling every tiny sensation, and I was mapping every millimetre of your skin, loving every part of you. So light was my touch, and so cool the room, that I felt goosebumps on your skin and it pleased me to feel the bump softness of your skin. When I moved my head down to lightly flick my. Which I don’t mind: if a chick’s gonna be out drinking, it’s her responsibility to keep and eye on her drinks. I hadn’t, so I accepted the hot, in-and-out thrusting by wrapping my arms around his shoulders and back, while raising my legs and drawing them back, so he could invade my supine body even deeper. I breathed in his intoxicating male scent, and enjoyed his grunts of satisfaction, as they were indications that I was pleasing to him, something that every woman craves. Well, unless she’s a. .. Uhhh..." Her pussy throbbed under her fingers, strong but not deep or long, and in short order it faded. Her continued strokes prolonged it only a few more seconds. As she came down, she lifted her head, panting mildly. She looked at him and chuckled. "Wow. Even me doing it to myself with you watching me is as lame as when you fuck me. I didn't even squirt that time."Heather stared at Richie for a few moments before sighing dramatically. "All right. I suppose you can cum, then."There was.

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