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Hers looked sooooo much better on her smooth ass.Shirts were a problem. I found two navy blue, front button shirts at a thrift shop. Holes in the or tails got me both shirts for a dollar. I had Sara remove all the sleeves and model her shirt first. We decided to cut it down to just below her nipples and leave the edges ragged. Standing normally, the soft round bottoms of her tits were fully exposed. Reaching either arm up exposed that nipple completely, but raising both arms exposed. I’m going to share my experience with a colleague’s wife who was working in an accounting firm. Me and my friend were working in a central government organisation and was posted at Mumbai at that time. Our apartments were on same floor and we had 24 hrs duty so we had to do shifts in night also. My friends name is Nandan and he was having a really beautiful wife with one kid. They were from Himachal pradesh.Few months after our meeting we used to socialise a lot and I went to their home. It all started when I was waiting for bus while going to home from office. A beautiful lady wearing pink cotton saree boarded a cab along with me, I was mesmerized with her beauty and just followed her after getting down and introduced myself. I met her again in same bus stop after almost ten days and this time I did not miss an opportunity to exchange mobile numbers. From that day onwards we exchanged good morning, good nights etc messages and started getting closer as a friend.One fine day,. She whispered I won’t tell you.I was thinking of what to say back when someone came into the elevator and Swetha was pushed on to me. I caught hold of her by the arms and was about to shout on others when I noticed Swetha was completely pressed against me, she was looking into my eyes, I didn’t know what to say, I looked around nobody was noticing us and everyone is a stranger.Swetha moved back a bit and put her hands on my chest to create some space between us. I was looking into her eyes and.

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