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She stepped on the porch, heading for the front door, trying to be as quiet as possible."Hi, Les."She jumped. He was sitting in the swing. The porch l...ght wasn't on and she hadn't noticed him."Jesus, Kenny. You scared me. Come on, let's go inside." No, come sit by me for awhile. Let's enjoy the breeze for a few minutes."He patted the space beside him on the swing."Where were you? You said you were here, but you weren't when I got home."She shifted uncomfortably on the swing."Oh, I wasn't. "He redoubled the force of his thrusts, making my whole body shake. "Don't let me stop you."There are some guys you can feel come. I did with him. I was in those last few seconds before my climax when I was hyper—aware of everything around me. I felt him plunge deep, stiffen, and then shake. I felt a feather-light touch deep inside me. My mind flashed there instantly, and as he jerked I felt it again. Coming! I thought, and that was it. That touch pushed me over the top.A simultaneous climax is. Allison, a 5’2″ sandy blonde headed for the fridge and grabbed a couple of beers. “Follow me” she instructed Lance as they headed for the bedroom. The women could hardly stand it anymore, and quickly got lost in the heat of the moment. Clothes flew everywhere, and Lance was seemingly ignored as they fell on the bed wrapped in each other’s arms and deep, deep tongue kisses. “Get over here, if you want some” cried Erika as she motioned to Lance to join them. His cock was straining for relief, and. Saying, “Honey, you are making it wetter.” He would finger her pussy very hard, making her juice flow out. I could see he had made her leak her juices just by foreplay.He now got her up and placed her in standing doggy style. He quickly took out a condom from his pocket wore on his cock. Her panty was still till her thighs. Mom asked her to remove her panty and petticoat, but he looked in a hurry.He inserted his cock inside her pussy and started fucking her very hard. It was hard because I.

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