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I tried to force a smile but it wouldn’t come. “Isn’t that itching, Arjun with all the chlorine now dried up on it?”“No, mum”, I answered, smiling.The next thing my mum did was amazing. She hugged me front on pressing her whole body against mine. “Oh! My darling Arjun, how much you have grown!!” My erection, even harder now, was now wedged between our bellies and her boobs were squashed against my lower chest. I could smell chlorine on her hair as she pressed her head against my neck.She. Oh gosh, I've got the first e-mail from him on Sunday and in five days I am going to meet him and let him spank me! She couldn't believe, what she was doing, but on the other hand, she was looking forward for it. On Thursday, she started to feel some fear, too. Am I going to do it, really? He wrote, that it would hurt. Will it hurt too much? What if he is a pervert and will want to hurt me really badly? But in such a case he wouldn't take me to his home, I guess, where the neighbors can hear my. "You put your ..cock in my...cunt." Her face was bright red. I turned away - much more of this and I'd be doing it again. My erection was painful!"Get upstairs, put your clothes on and get ready. I know exactly where we're going."I expected her to drag out the getting ready bit, but my lesson in obedience had obviously had an effect and she was down in 15 minutes.I parked the car in the multi storey carpark and led the way to the shop on the top floor of the mall known as Sexy Sadie's. No. " Chenosh said.Figuring it was a matter of will and concentration like before, Johnny focused on the interior of the van. Sure enough he did start to hear something, but it didn't just stop there, he could also see them."Shit those guys are FBI! I can actually see one of their jackets." Johnny said.Chenosh was honestly impressed."Very good. You've improved noticeably. They have been recording everything we've said. We will have to be more careful now. I want you as a sniper nearby. If something.

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