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“Yeah, that kind of puts a little chink in your man-of-the-world armour, doesn’t it? I thought you were adept at switching identities on the fly a...d maintaining them?”“Well, now,” he remarked, pretending to feel the sting of her accusations, “I suppose I need to prove I’m still a man of mystery to you if I’m to get you to leave with me?”“I’m not going anywhere,” she replied, and though it pained her to say, she added, “and you still shouldn’t be here.”“Alright,” he replied, “fair enough. I. Now here I was all these years later invited to join Jan-X Corporation as a consultant for this project and as fate would have it I was to be working with one of their up and coming bright engineering stars Paula. As our first meeting broke up for the day and as we shook hands in parting she casually mentioned how happy she was that we were amazingly on the same page professionally, particularly considering that we had just met. As I lay there smiling to myself, I remember the absolute shock. We could conceive. She would carry our child..Children. yes. Children. And soon! I raced down the stairs, save the last four in which I stopped, straightened and strolled into her room and gazed upon her. Her face was strained but she was asleep. I reached under her chest and unclipped her nipple clamps, feeling a pang of guilt for having left them on all night. I made a mental note to make that up to her.I pulled the plug slowly from her pussy and the cum dribbled out and down her legs.. I'm sorry." He held her in his arms and kissed her lightly, then, "Come on, let's make drinks for everyone. We'll have everyone in the living room in..." he looked at his watch, "exactly seven minutes."It took just about seven minutes to make the drinks. Marily was aware of the increased noise and conversation in the other room, the one she had left shortly before. She hoped that she wouldn't be timid about facing them, prayed that what Peter had told her about Vivian not minding would be true..

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