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I poured myself a large glass of wine and began to gulp. I listened in as they caught up; how their jobs were going, people they’d been seeing, thin...s they’d been doing. Time seemed to grow faster as we all became more intoxicated. I felt completely comfortable now, as if I had known them and been part of their friends group for years. Christina phoned a taxi and we all stumbled in. We arrived at a club we all regularly go to. Claire used to work there and knew the bouncers and staff, meaning. I didn’t want to interrupt. You were obviously having so much fun. I heard more “ungghh’s” and “oooohhh’s” than ever before. Sex must be addictive. You do it all the time.”We howled. I almost hurt myself I laughed so hard. Only a computer, capable of processing millions of data bits each second but incapable of human feelings could come up with a statement like that. I had an idea. Hmmm…I wonder. “I was about to say we need to do a lot today. Like your clothes and stuff. And you. ‘You do exaggerate. I think you’re a person who’s very firmly in control of himself. But I’m glad that you had to be careful. I haven’t been feeling that attractive recently.’ ‘Nonsense. What you’ve been feeling is overworked and underappreciated. I bet that with the right attention you could glow.’ Now she blushed. ‘I was glowing when I woke up. I think I was dreaming of you losing control.’ Her hand flew to her mouth. ‘God, where did that come from? You’ll think I’m an absolute slut.’ Her. Thanks :)The next morning I woke up alone in my bed. I looked atwhere Angelo had been and for one fearful moment I thought I had dreamed itall, then I heard pots and pans being moved around in the kitchen so I got up.I went into the bathroom and used the toilet then took a quick shower. I gotout and dried off then headed into the kitchen to see what Angelo was up to.When I stepped out of the bathroom I smelled eggs, bacon and pancakes cooking.I turned the corner and there standing in front of.

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